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Sewer System Inspection & Repair
State-of-the-Art Diagnostics, Repair, Replacement

Environmental Works specializes in working closely with homeowners, realtors, and inspectors to meet strict timelines and insure a successful transaction. Don’t let overpriced plumbers take a bite out of your budget!

“Using our digital sewer scope, we offer an objective analysis of your particular situation. This means that we won’t sell unneeded sewer repair, or overlook critical issues.”

Digital Sewer Scope Inspections

Do you need a sewer inspection? Environmental Works offers state of the art digital sewer scope inspection services. Sewer inspections save time and money by identifying and locating trouble spots in sewer lines. A digital video camera and transmitter are inserted into the sewer line allowing us locate, inspect and record the condition of the sewer pipe. You will be provided a video inspection report in addition to being able to view, download and forward your sewer scope online. If repairs are needed we will provide a free repair/replacement proposal.

Is the sewer system in your home or the one you’re looking to purchase functioning properly? Is the sewer connected to a septic system, cesspool, or a party line? These are all questions you should now before selling or purchasing a home. Sewer inspections are a critical and necessary step in the home buying process. The condition of a sewer line is influencing information that impacts the home buying process.

Sewer System Repair and Replacement

Environmental Works provides knowledgeable and professional expertise in all phases of sewer line repair and replacement. From traditional trenching to pipe bursting and boring, Environmental Works provides the most cost effective options while minimizing the impact upon your landscape.