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Joel Goes on Air to Talk Radon on Around the House with Handyman Bob and Eric G.

This past Saturday, Around the House with Handyman Bob and Eric G invited our COO and Owner, Joel Migliaccio, to be a guest on their radio talk show to speak about radon gas. It was reported last week that 6 out of 26 Portland Public School buildings tested at or above 4 picoCuries per liter (pCi/L), which is the EPA recommended action-level.

Listen in as Joel explains what radon is, why everyone should test, how to test, and what to measures to take once you receive the results. The radon segment begins at 33:47.
We encourage everyone to test the radon gas level in their home. Taking these small measures can provide more information on how to better protect you and your family. Everyone can live #RADONFREE.
Special thanks to Around the House with Handyman Bob and Eric G which airs every Saturday from noon to 2pm on KXL 101 FM. Find them on Facebook.