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Radon Mitigation for New Construction

Radon Device
In 2011 the State of Oregon established minimum requirements for Radon Resistant New Construction. The State of Washington was ahead of the game, adopting similar radon system requirements years prior. According to Oregon Senate Bill 1025, new residential and multi family structures must have a minimum passive radon mitigation system that meets EPA Radon Mitigation Standards. These standards are detailed in Appendix F of the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. The standards were adopted due to the high risk radon gas poses to human health and the simple effectiveness of the systems integrated into the building design. New construction systems often outperform retrofit systems at a lower cost. 

Environmental Works provides the highest quality active new construction radon mitigation systems in the Northwest, backed by a fully transferable 10 year guarantee. Migrating from a passive system to an active system is as simple as adding a continuous radon fan.
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