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What Is an Underground Storage Tank System?

underground storage tank system

Here at Environmental Works, one of our most requested services is usually related to underground storage tanks. Despite there being thousands of them beneath our feet, not many people know exactly what an underground storage tank is or why they might need to locate and remove one. In this article, we’ll answer the question, “what is an underground storage tank system?” so you know what you’re dealing with should you come across one.

What Are They?

The official definition by the EPA states that an underground storage tank system is any tank and piping system that has at least ten percent of its combined value underground. The best example of an underground storage tank system would be the most familiar one—gas stations have underground storage tank systems that hold gasoline, which the pump you use siphons gas from. While most underground storage tank systems are used for petroleum products, there are a small number of them that can contain other hazardous materials as well.

What Are the Concerns Associated With Them?

There are a few significant reasons that underground storage tanks may be cause for concern. The first is that many of them were originally made using unsafe materials or practices, meaning they could be prone to corroding and leaking over time. This can lead to soil and groundwater contamination by whatever substance the tank was holding. Another concern is building anything on top of the underground tanks, which cannot be done if the contents of the tank are unknown. This is where Environmental Works comes in.

What Does Environmental Works Do About Underground Storage Tanks?

Environmental Works is made up of a team of experts with several years of experience handling underground storage tank decommissioning and removal. Not only do we help you determine the location and contents of the tank, but we also provide options for abandonment in place, if possible. This allows the tank to be decommissioned completely and left where it is. However, we also provide complete tank removal if abandonment in place is not an option.
Now that you know what an underground storage tank system is, you won’t be caught off guard should you need to have one decommissioned. When you need underground storage tank removal contractors, Environmental Works is here to assist you in any way we can. We’ll work with you to determine the best course of action for your underground storage tank so you can put it behind you as quickly as possible.

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