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Common Causes of Underground Storage Tank Leaks

underground storage tank

A leaking underground storage tank is always a cause for concern, and you might be worried about the amount of hassle it takes to clean up. You also might be wondering exactly how this happened, especially if you yourself didn’t do anything to make the tank leak. Sometimes things happen outside of your control, but they need to be addressed before they become a problem. Here are some common causes of underground storage tank leaks so you can keep an eye out for them.

Steel Lines and Fittings

Unfortunately, many older storage tanks were thoughtlessly constructed. A lot of old pipelines and fittings were made out of bare steel, a metal subject to corrosion over time—especially when buried in soil for long periods. This corrosion can often cause the pipes and fittings leading to and from the tank to leak.

Dispenser Leaks

Dispensers often have many fittings and different connections that lead into them. Older models of underground storage tanks also saw these made of improper materials. They were also installed right above the soil, letting any leakage simply spill on the ground. Modern-day dispensers have fixed this problem, but your old storage tank may not be fitted with this solution.

Overfilling Tanks

When older tanks were filled by trucks, the product was moved through a hose into the underground storage tank. However, this was an imperfect practice and could often lead to the truck overfilling the tank. This caused the product to leak from the top of the tank and into the soil around it.

Improper Installations

One of the most common causes of underground storage tank leaks, even in modern day versions, is that the fittings and pipes were not installed correctly. Failing to properly install lines, even when they are modern fiberglass and not steel, can cause the lines to break and leak. This is why it’s vital to do your research on companies before they install an underground storage tank.

When the worst comes to pass and you know that one of your underground storage tanks is leaking, it’s time to call in the professionals before the problem becomes too serious. Environmental Works is experienced in underground storage tank inspection and removal. We’ll help you out of this truly inconvenient situation.

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