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Pipe Lining - No Trench, No Problem!

A technician measures the liner, making specific cuts and gluing sections together.

What is Pipe Lining?

Pipe Lining or Cured-in-place-pipe has been around in America since the 1980s as a quick and effective trenchless method of sewer and pipe repair.

Pipe lining work revolves around pushing a pre-cut and resin-filled liner through an existing pipe system. This allows the malleable liner to sit perfectly in the existing line. Next, the resin within the liner is cured in place, leaving the internal pipe system new again.

What makes Pipe Lining special?

Installation is fast! Since all of the pre-work (cutting, gluing, and saturating the liner) can be done outside of the install location, it leaves only the installation done on-site. Many jobs can be wrapped-up with new pipes in a matter of hours!
The money many spend on multiple days of laborious and dirty trenching can be avoided by calling the Pipe Lining specialists here at Environmental Works.

Can I use Pipe Lining in my upcoming project?

The best way to find if Pipe Lining works for your project is by calling the pipe experts at Environmental Works.
The effectiveness of Pipe Lining may be limited by the size of the current pipes, extreme degradation of the pipes, and other site-specific concerns. If you’re curious if Pipe Lining is your perfect fit, CALL NOW!

Keep in mind:

Some sites are not suitable for cured-in-place-pipe but are more suited to other forms of trenchless sewer work or a trenched excavation.
No matter your worksite, the excavation and pipe specialists at Environmental Works are ready to find the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Contact us for your Job Done Right!